Timothy Thatcher vs Matt Riddle – wXw AMBITION 8

Timothy Thatcher vs Matt Riddle



Turbinenhalle, Oberhausen, Germany

(reviewed 03/16/2017) Fitting for these two to find themselves in the finals of a tournament such as this. Early on, neither man can really get sustained control for long, though a few good chances keep things interesting. Eventually, after a number of leg locks and ankle locks go nowhere much, Thatcher makes use of his striking power and nearly puts Riddle down with a series of forearms. Riddle rallies and applies a few mean knees and slaps to Thatcher’s shoulder, doing significant damage as the Californian holds it close to his body and he regains his composure. Circling in, Riddle goes for the injured limb but finds himself trapped in the double wrist lock that did Cobb in, though he powers through it, finding his feet once more. A knee strike sends Thatcher into the ropes and down for the count, and Riddle follows it up with a series of standing knee lifts to the chest and chin for the near win. Somehow Thatcher is able to get to his feet before ten, but he’s immediately met with a flying knee from Riddle and the referee calls for the knockout victory. Very good stuff here. Not as stellar as Thatcher/Cobb, though hey, that’s one of the best matches of the year so it’s hard to compare. Still, a satisfying end to a fantastic tournament.


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