Timothy Thatcher vs Jeff Cobb – wXw AMBITION 8

Timothy Thatcher vs Jeff Cobb

AMBITION 8 Semi-Finals


Turbinenhalle, Oberhausen, Germany

(reviewed 03/16/2017) I got this huge smile on my face when I thought back to the first round and realized what match was coming next. Making his entrance, Thatcher is likewise beaming, which gives me hope for these two California boys. Feeling each other out, they circle around the ring, Cobb having the advantage most of the time, though Thatcher’s mood would indicate he’s anything but worried. Repeatedly Thatcher goes for the big man’s arm, but Cobb’s size is too great an obstacle to get much going, and he’s likewise able to avoid an ankle lock. Leaning on Thatcher, Cobb continues to use his size to his advantage, brilliantly escaping a cross armbreaker at one point. Thatcher is quite vocal here, jovial and talkative, drawing a number of laughs from the audience. Both men force a few rope breaks as the match progresses, each of them showing signs of fatigue, as this is certainly the longest match of the night. A HUGE gutwrench suplex sends Thatcher flying, as does a fairly bananas deadlift German, but he thinks quickly and uses his positioning to trap Cobb in a double wrist lock when he crashes down on the second suplex, forcing him to tap. Thatcher drags himself to the corner, slumped up against the pads, clutching his neck. His face turns from pain to joy. He chuckles at himself softly as he works his way back to the middle of the ring. Thatcher extends his hand and Cobb takes it, Thatcher bowing as he does so. The crowd applauds for these men and their performances. As Thatcher is announced as the winner, he points at his opponent, shouting his friend’s name into the air. Delightful, delightful stuff here, interesting and entertaining all the way through as it unfolds. Go out of your way for this one, folks.


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