David Starr vs Bobby Gunns – wXw AMBITION 8

David Starr vs Bobby Gunns

AMBITION 8 First Round


Turbinenhalle, Oberhausen, Germany

(reviewed 03/16/2017) I know a lot of people dislike Gunns, especially in regards to his booking in these tournaments, but I quite like his stuff. In any case, he and Starr have a solid little match here, with Gunns on the offensive most of the way through. Starr is always a curious case in these situations, as he’s certainly got a legit wrestling background, but his natural propensity to play a character can get in the way of that sometimes. Eventually, after trying for an armbar for the better part of a minute, Gunns yanks back on the American’s finger to open him up for the hold, and Starr immediately taps, pissed off about the blatant rule breaking. Solid stuff, a good opener for the tournament.


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