Marius Al-Ani vs WALTER – wXw 16 Carat Gold 2017 Day 2

Marius Al-Ani vs WALTER

16 Carat Gold Tournament 2017 Quarter-Finals


Turbinenhalle, Oberhausen, Germany

(reviewed 03/19/2017) Understanding that Mr. No Bullshit is at his most dangerous when he’s got a head of steam behind him, WALTER starts this match with the strategy that beat David Starr the night before: sleeper holds. Al-Ani does what he can to slip free and keep the pace fast, but WALTER’s boots and suplexes make it difficult for him. A lovely fire thunder driver looks to have the match won for the big Austrian, but Al-Ani is able to roll to the floor to avoid getting pinned. Miraculously, he’s able to survive WALTER’s onslaught and turn things around with a big-ass dive over the ring post, getting the best of an unwise strike exchange, and hoisting the big man up for an exploder suplex. The tide of control swings back and forth between both men as they start throwing bombs, but eventually WALTER’s size proves to be too great and he puts the young firebrand away with a sleeper hold. Not on the level of the two matches that preceded it, but solid stuff all the same.


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