Shingo Takagi vs Naruki Doi vs YAMATO vs Kotoka vs Naoki Tanizaki vs Cyber Kong – Dragon Gate Dead or Alive 2016

Shingo Takagi vs Naruki Doi vs YAMATO vs Kotoka vs Naoki Tanizaki vs Cyber Kong

Hair vs Mask Steel Cage Survival Double Risk Six-Way Match


Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium, Aichi, Japan

(reviewed 01/19/2017) Every year the Dead or Alive cage match is overbooked, overblown, overlong, goofy spotfest bullshit, and every year it’s tons of fun. The pinnacle of Dragon Gate weirdness. Highlights include:

  • Akira Tozawa wearing Kotoka’s facepaint as his second.
  • Cyber Kong being too afraid of heights to escape the cage.
  • Punch Tominaga preventing Shingo, the guy he’s meant to be seconding, from escaping the cage.
  • Tanizaki fighting past Shingo to be the first guy to escape.
  • CIMA and Gamma using a soccer ball launcher on the participants in the match.
  • YAMATO going back to save his husband Doi, choosing to remain in the match in order to help him.
  • Kotoka getting a whipped cream pie in the face.
  • Tanizaki pretending to help YAMATO escape before misting him in the face.
  • Against all adds, Doi choosing to go back and save his husband YAMATO after spending his entire career stabbing his partners in the back.
  • The escaped members of the match coming into the cage to attack YAMATO.
  • Doi taking the Pumping Bomber for YAMATO moments before turning his back on him.
  • Kzy, Yosuke Santa Maria, and BxB Hulk all coming out to prevent Kotoka from escaping, helping YAMATO to win the match.
  • Kotoka getting his head shaved and looking like a goddamn gremlin afterward.
  • YAMATO tearfully greeting his new friends and vowing to destroy VerserK.

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