Marty Scurll & Trevor Lee vs Will Ospreay & “Speedball” Mike Bailey – wXw 16 Carat Gold 2016 Day 3

Marty Scurll & Trevor Lee vs Will Ospreay & “Speedball” Mike Bailey


Turbinenhalle, Oberhausen, Germany

(reviewed 01/18/2017) This got a lot of press at the time and I hope it holds up now that I’m finally getting around to it. Trevor is working his ass off trying to be a whiny, petulant heel for the crowd to hate, aping Scurll’s gimmick and doing it 100% better, professional that he is. After the usual sort of rope-running opening spots, the heels isolate Speedball and work him over. That lasts /maybe/ two minutes before Ospreay makes the hot tag and does his thing, but the heels likewise are able to shut him down and go to work, with Ospreay sticking to his “dump bumps + overacting = drama” formula. Scurll and Trevor must have peed in a fountain together or something, because their tag team expertise here is something for first-time partners. Ospreay makes his usual sort of comeback, and the highfliers do their thing as we transition into the breakdown and finishing stretch, which is more of the same ol’ same ol’. This entire match is, really. While Trevor’s heel antics are different and this particular permutation of four men is a fresh matchup, these guys are just doing the same spots and same kinds of spots I’ve seen them do dozens and dozens and dozens of times over the years. None of it is particularly interesting or all that exciting past a base level of “it’s cool to see people run around and do flips and weakly hit each other once or twice”, but it’s the sort of thing people eat up because comfort zones are more enticing than risk and storytelling. Shame.


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