BJ Whitmer & Cedric Alexander vs Adam Page & Jonathan Gresham – ROH Conquest Tour 2016 (03/12/2016)

BJ Whitmer & Cedric Alexander vs Adam Page & Jonathan Gresham


2300 Arena, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

I’m a big, big fan of Gresham and Cedric, and I probably couldn’t be less of a fan of both Page and Whitmer, so this is certainly a mixed bag for me. Gresham and Page jump the heels as Cedric makes his entrance, and everybody brawls on the outside for a good long while. It’s interesting to see my boy Gresham here as a face, which is the first time I’ve seen him play such a role in quite some time, and it’s like night and day from his heel work and I like it about as much. Eventually the match makes it into the ring and Gresham does his best to take on both his opponents, but with Veda Scott’s involvement as well, he’s soon overwhelmed. Notably, Gresham is whipped into the corner and almost literally eats the top turnbuckle pad in a crazy spot. His selling throughout this is fantastic as well. Dude really shines in any role. Eventually he’s able to tag out to Page through some quick, clever maneuvering, and Page hits some fiery offense and tops it off with a very silly SSP off the apron to Whitmer as he stands out on the floor. Immediately thereafter, though, Gresham hits a whopper springboard headscissors DDT that gets the crowd on their feet. He yells for Page, the legal man, who comes back in the ring with Karl Anderson’s frontflip over the ropes clothesline, but he can only manage a two count from it. Whitmer tosses Gresham into the barricade twice (the second time, Gresham goes head over heels and nearly kicks a female fan in the front row right in the face) to take him out before retrieving a chair from under the ring. Page finds a chair himself out of nowhere, and they both swing at each other, crashing the chairs together, and Whitmer drops his chair and powders out of the ring before Page can swing at him again. Seizing the opportunity, Cedric rolls Page up for the pin, but Page kicks out and hits his Rite of Passage piledriver for the win. Enjoyable little seven minute tag match. It’s mostly brawling, and I’m certainly no fan of the finishing stretch, but Gresham’s stellar as usual performance holds it all together.


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