“Speedball” Mike Bailey vs Matt Riddle – Beyond Wrestling State of the Art

“Speedball” Mike Bailey vs Matt Riddle


Aurora, Providence, Rhode Island, United States

(reviewed 01/17/2017) This should be fun, if not great. If I recall correctly, this was Speedball’s last match in America, which is a shame, but it’s interesting how it was with the guy who sort of took his place in the indie wrestling hierarchy. Unsurprisingly, they keep things fast and tight, playing up to their shoot striking ability. Riddle’s size and experience on the map gives him the early advantage, but Speedball’s highflying and determination prevent him from staying down for long. A springboard knee sends the Canadian to the floor, where Riddle teases a dive before simply sliding out and slapping his opponent. Taking none too kindly to this misdirection, Speedball responds with a fairly wild Orihara moonsault. Back in the ring, he hits his SSP kneedrop and Riddle kicks out of it at one, which on paper seems curious, but considering that Riddle’s only taken about two minutes of offense in this match at most, it works. Catching a big roundhouse kick from Speedball, Riddle traps the kid with a heel hook and cranks on it real good for the speedy victory. Solid stuff here, an enjoyable little sprint that cuts out the sort of antics these two tend to get into with longer matches. I’m left wanting a bit more, but that’s far better than being left wanting less.


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