“Speedball” Mike Bailey vs Kim Ray – wXw The Inner Circle

“Speedball” Mike Bailey vs Kim Ray


wXw Wrestling Academy, Essen, Germany

(reviewed 05/30/2016) I want to say that I’ve seen Kim Ray wrestle before, but if this isn’t my first time seeing him in the ring, it’s only my second or third. The lads feel each other out with some measured kicks and grappling, both of them sharing a fairly similar in-ring style, but it’s clear that Speedball is simply faster, flippier, and better all around, both in kayfabe and in real life. Ray knows how to avoid moves and take shots when he can, though, and uses his slight size advantage and some legwork to gain the upper hand. Speedball’s selling here is basic but pretty good, and you can get a good look at it here in this smaller show, which is a nice quality. It falls apart almost immediately, though, when Bailey transitions into his shine, which is a shame. He sells his leg when it matters most for the match, which is good, but sadly not when it matters most for me, which is in the little moments. Finishing stretch is typical but not offensive, and Ray picks up the win with a solid-looking DDT thing. Not bad for a sub-ten minute match on a small show.


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