Tetsuya Naito vs Hirooki Goto – NJPW New Japan Cup 2016 Day 6

Tetsuya Naito vs Hirooki Goto

New Japan Cup 2016 Finals


New Aomori Prefectural Sports Park Maeda Arena, Aomori, Japan

(reviewed 05/26/2016) Real tentative on this matchup, but let’s give it a go and see what it’s like. Match starts how you’d figure, and BUSHI interferes a bunch and beats down Goto with some pretty great, aggressive heel work. Goto eventually makes his comeback and he and Naito trade spots back and forth, a whole bunch of nothing, really. Things pick up a bit towards the end as we transition into nearfalls, and Naito hits a pretty solid DDT off the ropes that Goto bumps real well. The lads elbow each other back and forth, Naito hits a mean enzuigiri, his flying forearm gimmick off the ropes, and tops it off with a Frankensteiner for a two count. Goto fights out of the Gloria but eats a koppu kick and the Gloria for another two count. Naito goes for a Destino and Goto reverses it into a modified Ushigoroshi for a double down, which was pretty neat, and he follows it up with a really disgusting and unsafe Ushigoroshi off the ropes for a nearfall. There’s a botched spot where both lads sort of just stand and look at each other for a few seconds before Goto hits a headbutt, chest kick, and the Shouten for another, sort of weak, nearfall. EVIL wanders down to the ring and BUSHI distracts Red Shoes, allowing EVIL to come in and attack Goto, but Goto fends him off with an Ushigoroshi and knocks BUSHI off the apron as well. Goto goes for the kill with another Shouten on Naito, but Naito reverses it into a modified Destino (is this his thing now?) for a double down. They trade forearms from their knees, fighting to their feet, and Naito eats a headbutt, hits a dragon suplex, and tops it off with the Destino for the win. Meh. Some cool spots, some fun moves, everything you expect from a big New Japan main event, but nothing to enthrall me, nothing to make me remember this match in a year’s time.


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