Kamaitachi vs Dragon Lee – CMLL Super Viernes (03/04/2016)

Kamaitachi (c) vs Dragon Lee

Two out of Three Falls Match for the CMLL World Lightweight Championship


Arena Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico


(reviewed 01/17/2017) Real disappointed with this match, to the point that I gave up trying to break it down halfway through. It’s not that it’s exactly bad or anything, just that it felt routine and lifeless. The last three matches in this feud (08/30/2015, 12/04/2015, and 01/24/2016) were all spectacular and managed to up the ante of the previous matches, not only in the realm of action, but of storytelling, of each man learning the other a little better and overcoming that which defeated them before. This match, especially compared to the puro-flavored Fantasticamania bout, feels like such a step down from that, being instead a “greatest hits” compilation as opposed to any sort of continuation or, more importantly, an escalation. It’s an upper end TV match at the back end of a feud, and after a trio of great PPV-level matches, this is just a letdown.


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