Lio Rush vs John Silver – Beyond Wrestling By Popular Demand

Lio Rush vs John Silver


Aurora, Providence, Rhode Island, United States

(reviewed 01/15/2017) I’ll be damned if these two don’t have a great little sprint in them. OH SHIT, Jonathan Gresham and Steve “The Turtle” Weiner are on commentary, what a goddamn duo. After some grappling that goes to show that these guys are so much more versatile than they appear, Rush takes over with his usual sort of highflying, to which Silver responds “I don’t want any of that fucking flippy shit”. Looking to prevent said fucking flippy shit, he takes the rookie down with some vicious ground and pound, laying in a few vicious chest kicks as Rush eggs him on. Silver applies his strength and more than a little malice to keep the kid down, but Rush will not be denied, evening things up with a tornado DDT that puts both men down for the count. Rush’s offense is oddly a little awkward here, but thankfully not for long, and Silver makes him pay with a few more strikes. A big series of reversals see Silver trap his opponent in a crossface, burying a few knees into the young man’s face for good measure, but Rush is able to escape to the ropes. A pair of clotheslines turn Rush inside out but can’t put him away, so Silver tops it off with a pop-up Canadian Destroyer and a brutal Last Ride for the win. Good grief, with a match. Mean mean mean mean mean stuff here, fast and furious from both men. Rush’s unpolished nature makes for some awkward moments, but Silver responds in kind and lays in a few lumps, reminding me a hell of a lot of all the Jumbo Tsuruta vs Super Generation Army singles matches back in the day. That’s high praise, but this match deserves it. Go out of your way to see this lovely little sprint, folks.


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