Princess Kimberlee vs Soldier Ant – Chikara Dead Man’s Chest

Princess Kimberlee (c) vs Soldier Ant

Chikara Grand Championship


Eastchester Community Center, New York City, New York, United States

(reviewed 01/15/2017) Soldier Ant’s theme here reminds me that Drew Gulak used to use Dio’s “Rainbow in the Dark” as an entrance theme, and I miss that. Now, why I would bring up Drew Gulak while watching Soldier Ant, I have no idea *wink wink*. The match is fairly even all the way through, much of it mat-based. Kimberlee applies various holds to immobilize her larger opponent, though Soldier Ant’s veteran skills allow him to slip free time and again and lock in his Crossbar submission, forcing the champ to apply alternative methods to stay on top. A big ol’ superplex works as a good nearfall that fires the crowd up, chanting for their champion. Soldier Ant looks to catch Kimberlee on a top-rope crossbody, but the damage done from the superplex forces his back to give out in a clever spot. He fires up through a submission and strings together a few slams, slapping on the Crossbar for the third time before Kimberlee reaches the bottom rope. She avoids another superplex attempt, bringing Soldier Ant down with a powerbomb before applying the Alligator Clutch for the win. Solid stuff here. More than a little unpolished in the beginning, though as the match focused and sped up a little, things became tighter and much more enjoyable.


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