JT Dunn vs Joey Janela – Beyond Wrestling By Popular Demand

JT Dunn vs Joey Janela

Dog Collar Match

02/28/2016, Aurora, Providence, Rhode Island, United States

(reviewed 01/15/2017) Looking to end their feud that stretches back to 2015, these lads mix it up in one of my favorite match stipulations. Larry Legend and Suge D are on commentary for this one, and they add a lot, professionals that they are. This match, in line with their previous bouts, is fast and brutal, aided by the stip. Janela bleeds a lot and takes a few nutty bumps, but he’s able to wrap the chain around Dunn’s throat to win with a camel clutch. Solid stuff here, though I wish they let things play out a little more here in this main event setting, though it’s probably better that they didn’t.


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