Dalton Castle vs Silas Young – ROH on SBG #238

Dalton Castle vs Silas Young

Fight Without Honor

Taped 02/27/2016, aired 04/09/2016

Sam’s Town Hotel & Gambling Hall, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

(reviewed 01/15/2017) The feud between these two was one of the scant highlights of ROH in 2015, though sadly this, their blowoff match, feels pretty empty. There’s little fire from these two, which is what they need to carry a goofy, vaguely homophobic feud like this in the sterile wasteland that is ROH. The bumps they take in this match help some, as a few of them are fucking bananas, but it also creates a situation in which these men are killing each other (the crowd chants “you just killed him” after Castle back body drops Silas over the ropes and through a table on the floor, which feels super gross to me on some level) but don’t bring any sort of emotion or meaning to what they’re doing. It’s a bunch of crazy spots with nothing behind them, which is sad to see, because these two are capable of so much more. Eventually, Castle picks up the win with a Bangarang onto a chair.


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