Trevor Lee vs Joey Janela – AAW The Art of War 2016

Trevor Lee vs Joey Janela


115 Bourbon Street, Merrionette Park, Illinois, United States

(reviewed 01/13/2017) This is one of those matches, I think, that has a really high ceiling but also a really low floor due to the sort of antics these young men can get into. Being in AAW, a fairly antics-oriented promotion, doesn’t help much, but thankfully they keep things simple at the beginning with Lee laying in on a few strikes and Biels to the debuting Bad Boy. Janela avoids a double stomp and uses the unique ring placement next to the stage to send Lee crashing into the ring post to take over. He keeps control with his usual brand of self-destruction and some brief armwork. Following a short comeback from Lee, a small package and straight right hand give Janela the advantage again, hitting a few of my favorite spots in wrestling to make me happy. Things remain pretty back-and-forth as Lee slowly fights his way back in the game, stuffing Janela with a Kamaitachi-style double stomp over the ropes and the small package driver for the win. Solid stuff here, nothing terribly impressive, but mostly tight and entertaining. It tells the story of a young, hungry, debuting Janela throwing everything he can at the established main eventer Lee before Lee shuts him down with relative ease after taking a substantially larger amount of punishment, simply because he’s in a whole other league from Janela. I love those sorts of matches that indicate power levels and tier rankings in wrestling, and while I don’t love this match outright, it certainly has elements in it worth liking.


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