Jimmy Rave vs AR Fox – AWE Hail to the King

Jimmy Rave (c) vs AR Fox

GWC Championship


The Enclave, Atlanta, Georgia, United States


(reviewed 01/13/2017) Guess I should get around to finally seeing some AWE, eh? Especially when they put some stuff up for free. A bit of chaining in the opening minutes see Fox surprisingly hold his own with the veteran, as Rave repeatedly flees to the floor to regroup. Fox follows him out with a tope suicida at one point, topping it off with another and a tope con giro. Some brawling on the floor sees either man take control briefly, which includes a funny moment where Fox announces his intent to hit a ten punch spot. As they make their way back in the ring, Rave gains the advantage with some misdirection and his usual sort of spots, shutting down Fox’s comeback attempts with simple, direct reactions. He sells his hand real well following a straight right hand, and it allows Fox to reverse a double straightjacket and string together a few highflying moves. Rave gets his knees up to reverse a Swanton attempt, but Fox fires back with a springboard dropkick to lead into a double down. Back on their feet, both men trade strikes and corner crossing spots, with Fox earning a nearfall from a springboard cutter. He’s able to string together a rollup and Koji Clutch as well as the match speeds up, and Rave rolls to the ropes to escape the latter. They bleed out onto the apron where Rave avoids a shiranui and hits his signature STO, topping it off with a knee strike back in the ring for a nearfall. A superplex puts both men down for the count, and Rave is able to capitalize first with a La Mistica transition into a crossface for another good falsie. Fox is able to hit a Hickory Valley to even things up and head up top, connecting with a Swanton for a very close two count that sends the crowd into conniptions. He follows it up with a Lo Mein Pain and 450 for another solid nearfall, but Rave endures both and traps him in the small package for the win. Good match here, real simple and effective pro wrestling that accomplishes everything it sets out to do in an entertaining fashion. The overly aggressive crowd sours it a bit for me, though it’s fine when they’re focusing on the match instead of hurling endless expletives and vaguely homophobic insults at the wrestlers and each other.


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