Big Daddy Walter & Hot & Spicy vs Marty Scurll, Timothy Thatcher, & Tommy End -wXw More Than Wrestling Tour 2016: Köln

Big Daddy Walter & Hot & Spicy (Axel Dieter Jr & Da Mack) vs Marty Scurll, Timothy Thatcher, & Tommy End


Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld, Köln, Germany

(reviewed 01/11/2017) I’m fairly sure this got a good amount of praise from the smattering of Americans who watch wXw, and looking at the six men involved, I’m not surprised that it did. Thatcher and Dieter kick things off with some grappling, fairly good stuff that foreshadows the coming of Ringkampf a few months down the line. End and Walter are in next, going at it with strikes, but End’s arm is quickly targeted by both Walter and Dieter, sending him scrambling to his corner to tag in Scurll. Scurll tries to stand up to the big Austrian and is cut down before everyone brawls around a bit, leading into a sequence in which the local lads beat down Scurll. The Villain tags out as soon as he can, forcing a tag on Thatcher, and the ragtag team has to scramble to gain control of the match, led by End’s intensity. They make a fairly good team, staying tight and focused in everything they do while also being sure to highlight Scurll’s goofier side. After being isolated and worked over for a while, Mack takes advantage of Scurll’s antics, tagging out to Dieter, who (a little awkwardly) takes it to the ragtag trio. Walter follows him and does his thing, steamrolling over Thatcher and End with some quality big man spots. With some help from the Dutchman, Thatcher traps Walter in an armbar moments before End catches Mack in a dragon sleeper, and Walter muscles up Thatcher to hit a powerbomb onto End in a fun spot. Some fast and furious spots see everybody kill each other with some huge moves, ending with a strike exchange between Walter and Thatcher that leads to a German suplex, lariat, and well-earned “this is awesome” chant. The only established team in the match, Hot & Spicy work together to take out End before Thatcher breaks things up. A somewhat sloppy Mack/End sequence leads to a few nearfalls that I’m not completely sold by, but the crowd enjoys them, and End slaps on an octopus hold to win. Real good stuff here, a mostly tight six man tag match that unravels a little at the very end but remains quite enjoyable all the way through. Matches like these really highlight each wrestler’s personality while mitigating some of their weaknesses (most notably with Dieter, Mack, and Scurll), and also evidence wXw’s clear puro influence, creating quite a fun combination of styles. It probably won’t blow your socks off, but I recommend this match highly.


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