Danny Havoc vs Rickey Shane Page – CZW Seventeen

Danny Havoc vs Rickey Shane Page

Number One Contendership vs CZW Roster Spot St. Valentine’s Day Massacre Memorial Deathmatch


Flyers Skate Zone, Voorhees, New Jersey, United States

(reviewed 01/10/2017) Strangely, I don’t remember a lot about this match despite watching it live. They don’t waste much time in sending each other into the carpet strips and barbed wire, fairly brutal stuff as Havoc takes control of the match. Following some floor brawling, RSP turns things around back in the ring with a Saito suplex into a pit of tacks and carpet strips. The big man playing to the crowd during a Twist of Fate attempt gives Havoc the opening he needs, and both men trade shots back and forth that take a lot out of them. RSP sets up a gruesome contraption of four open chairs, two sat next to each other with another two, legs up atop of them, and Havoc catches the Buckeye with some thumbtacks to the face to hit a superplex through the unforgiving steel. Somehow, Rickey kicks out of both that and a dragon suplex, both of which were the moves that put him away in the previous bouts between these two. A powerbomb into the pit of tacks looks to have things evened up for RSP, but out of nowhere Tim Donst runs to the ring and whacks him with a chair to give Havoc the win. Both men are upset and confused about the situation afterward, but RSP humbly concedes his loss to Havoc. Solid stuff here, nothing too crazy or noteworthy (outside of the superplex spot), but a fairly enjoyable little mess of a deathmatch anyway.


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