Big Daddy Walter vs David Starr – wXw Dead End XV

Big Daddy Walter vs David Starr


Markthalle, Hamburg, Germany

(reviewed 01/08/2017) Love these two and I’m looking forward to what should be a great match. Starr ridicules his opponent early on, but his personality can’t overcome the big man’s size and strength, and he has to use cheap shots to get any sort of offense in. He goes after Walter’s hand and arm to take control, and Walter unwisely tries to use that arm to make a comeback, hurting himself on a chop and lariat, the latter of which fucking murders poor Starr. Starr cuts off his comeback with a back body drop into the corner, which is on the short list of CRAZIEST GODDAMN SPOTS I’VE EVER SEEN. Walter doesn’t take kindly to Starr’s dick in his face, though (and I don’t know why; dude’s hot as hell), and stuffs him with a series of knees as the crowd chants “Walter’s gonna kill you”. Starr stays in the game with some highflying and misdirection, but Walter’s size keeps it fairly even, and eventually the big man is able to hit a hell of a powerbomb for the win. Wonderful little opener here, full of personality and pizazz on every level. Both of these guys are great on both offense and defense, which yields a match that is compelling every step of the way. Combine all this with a loving crowd and one spot in particular that blows my mind, and you’ve got a standout match that I’ll be thinking about for a long time.


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