Evil Uno vs “Speedball” Mike Bailey – PWG Bowie

Evil Uno vs “Speedball” Mike Bailey


American Legion Post #308, Reseda, California, United States

(reviewed 01/08/2017) Bailey is the master of the twelve minute match and against a base he’s familiar with who has recently turned heel, there’s little chance of having a bad match. They start things fairly slow with grappling before a shoulder block sequence heats things up a bit. Uno baits the good-natured young man in for a handshake before flooring him with a DDT, getting, like, a surprising amount of heat. Bailey tries to mount a comeback, but an Alabama slam on the apron and suplex on the floor prevent that from happening. Uno’s heel work here is real interesting, because it’s so slow and deliberate without being overtly heel-ish most of the time that it stands out in a big way here in Reseda, almost reminding me of Los Ingobernables. The masked man accidentally sends his hand into the ring post on a missed chop, but it doesn’t prevent him for retaining control of the match, now focusing his attack on Bailey’s foot and ankle. Bailey tries to reverse his fortunes with his usual bit of striking, but it’s not until he combines that with a small package attempt that he’s able to really even things up. Excalibur, flying solo on commentary, makes a Mirko Cro Cop reference around here, and I fall head over heels for the man yet again. Some “follow you into the corner for a move” spots see Bailey hit an enzuigiri and shiranui for two. Uno begs off but Bailey won’t be fooled again, laying in a few chest kicks before Uno catches one and turns it into a powerbomb. Bailey fires right back with a few more kicks and his wildest corkscrew SSP to date, coming down on Uno’s knee, and Uno smartly begins selling his knee after kicking out of a pinfall. A poisonrana attempt sends both men to the outside, and Bailey hits a fairly nutty corkscrew moonsault to his standing opponent. Back in the ring, Uno catches Bailey on the top rope and hits a wacky electric chair driver onto his injured knee, taking a while to make the pin, which allows Bailey time to recover, kick out, and make a pin attempt of his own. Fired up, Uno grabs the young man by the crotch and hits him with one of the craziest goddamn piledrivers I’ve ever seen, but Bailey kicks out. A crucifix pin from Bailey leads to a poisonrana, and the young man climbs the ropes, looking for the kill. Uno follows him and hits a Tombstone off the middle rope for a nearfall, taking a while to make the pin because of his knee. Furthering injuring himself, Uno squashes the kid with a moonsault, and Bailey kicks out of it at one. Fired up by the crowd, Bailey hits his big repeating kick spot and a spinning heel kick, topping it off with the shooting star knees and a measured roundhouse for the win. Sort of a disappointment here, as the match really goes off the rails towards the end. What starts as a change of pace for Reseda transitions into the enjoyable heel vs Bailey formula before succumbing to the PWG syndrome of throwing shit at the wall ad nauseam until the crowd tires of it or comes back around, and in this case, does both. There’s still plenty to enjoy here, not least of which is this particular brand of Canadian indie style that I only get to see rarely, but the excess fatigue gets to me in the end and sours the whole thing. In a lot of ways, this is a worse version of the Chris Hero vs Trent match earlier in the card, and this match fails in replicating that sort of magic because Bailey doesn’t shine the same way in a lengthy bombfest and Uno just isn’t Chris Hero.


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