Syuri vs Tsukushi – Ice Ribbon New Ice Ribbon #706 ~ Live On Ring In Skip City

Syuri vs Tsukushi


Industrial Technology Center, Kawaguchi, Japan


(reviewed 01/08/2017) One of a multitude of matches that was recommended to me on an anonymous image board, so I have no real clue what I’m getting into here, especially as I’ve only watched Ice Ribbon maybe twice before this. They start off with quite a bit of chaining and grappling, jockeying for position in various holds before a rope-running sequence leads to an RVD/Lynn pin sequence. The smaller Tsukushi takes control with some strikes, putting all of her weight behind a dropkick that sends her opponent to the floor. Back in the ring, Tsukushi continues to use her size to her advantage, but her fortunes change with a scoop slam attempt that Syuri uses to take control. Syuri applies her size and a chinlock to wear her opponent down, as well as a variety of strikes, eventually locking in a cross armbreaker that sends Tsukushi scrambling to the ropes. Tsukushi turns things around with a bit of highflying, but her arm is worse for wear and gives her pause. Momentum of the match swings back and forth, with Tsukushi unable to really take control due to her arm. She gets the best of a strike exchange, but Syuri puts her down with a roundhouse for two, slapping on another cross armbreaker afterward, transitioning into a seated armbar when Tsukushi tries to escape. The smaller woman eventually does free herself, frantically hitting a big forearm and dropkick, but a tiger suplex puts her down for two. After eating a running knee, Tsukushi is able to grab one of Syuri’s kicks, trapping her larger opponent in an ankle lock until she’s able to grab the ropes. She follows it up with a double stomp off the top for another two count. Syuri responds with a German suplex for a two count of her own, and the time limit expires as she comes off the ropes for another running knee. Good stuff here, lots of effort and fire from these women, but nothing too exceptional for my tastes.

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