Roderick Strong vs Jonathan Gresham – ROH on SBG #231

Roderick Strong (c) vs Jonathan Gresham

ROH World Television Championship

Taped 02/06/2016 aired 02/20/2016

Municipal Auditorium, Nashville, Tennessee, United States

(reviewed 01/08/2017) On paper, this match cannot go wrong, but this IS ROH, so who knows what’ll happen. Before the match, Veda Scott runs out and offers Gresham a big check to surrender this title match opportunity to her man Cedric Alexander, but Gresham tells her to fuck off. The Tale of the Tape match graphic comes up and Gresham’s name is spelled incorrectly, sending me on quite the expletive-ridden rant. For fuck’s sake, lads. A quick bit of chaining and chopping sees Roddy take control due to his size and strength advantage, though Gresham does what he can to fight it every step of the way. Back from commercial, Gresham briefly turns his fortunes around by going after the champ’s fingers, but he’s caught with a dropkick going for a flying nothing. Roddy gives him too much room to breathe, though, and the Octopus is able to reverse his usual offense and continue to go after his fingers, a situation that Roddy worsens by going for a few more chops. Taking his chances when he can, Gresham continues to go after Roddy’s arm and then his leg, getting a real close nearfall off a crucifix. Roddy powers through the pain, though, laying in a few more chops before connecting with a high knee for the win. Bit of an abrupt ending, but then again this is TV wrestling so a “smaller” move definitely is the way to go, and before it’s all over we’re treated to quite a fun little sprint with lots of fiery action. The crowd loves it, I love it, and you should love it too.


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