Kalisto vs Kevin Owens – WWE Smackdown #859

Kalisto vs Kevin Owens

Taped 02/02/2016, aired 02/04/2016

FedExForum, Memphis, Tennessee, United States

(reviewed 01/08/2017) Didn’t originally plan on reviewing this, but it caught my eye as I was fast forwarding through to get to Styles vs Miz. Solid little TV match here, fast and furious stuff from two guys who work real hard (or at least did at this point in time). Dolph Ziggler is ringside for commentary on this match, and at one point, it looks like he’s going to powerbomb Kalisto through the commentary table but instead powerbombs the luchador into Dolph in a neat spot. Owens takes too much time in assaulting the bleached blonde nobody, though, and Kalisto rolls him up for the win when he finally makes his way back to the ring. Nothing mindblowing, but fun enough to be worth mentioning.


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