Damian O’Connor vs Axel Dieter Jr – wXw Dead End XV

Damian O’Connor vs Axel Dieter Jr

16 Carat Gold Tournament Qualifying Match


Markthalle, Hamburg, Germany

(reviewed 01/08/2017) I wasn’t planning on reviewing (or even watching) this at first, but I figured it’d be worth a go considering how good this show has been, and in the same vein it’s worth a quick review. This is the typical babyface Dieter match, in which he shows little value on offense before being beaten down for a good long while until he makes a comeback and either wins in a dissatisfying fashion or is stuffed by his opponent. This match was the former. The crowd, which was great all night, are heavily behind their son of a local legend as he faces off against this foreign giant. Leading into this match, Damo had defeated every one of his opponents in his brief forays into wXw, most, if not all, of them by the electric chair driver. Obviously this creates for a match in which Damo beats down his young opponent for a while until hitting his finisher, being utterly flabbergasted after it’s kicked out of, after which Dieter makes a half-hearted comeback and hits a tope suicida for the countout victory. While Damo’s offense is mostly fine and this is one of the less annoying babyface Dieter matches up until the finish, the whole thing feels so contrived and ham-fisted that it’s unappealing every step of the way. There were some high points, all of which revolved around Dieter eating shit (getting squashed by a senton from Damo at a weird angle, and crashing head-first into the steps leading up to the stage on the tope suicida finish), but certainly not enough to drag this foregone conclusion of a match up to an enjoyable level.


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