United States Death Machine vs Team LoveLee – Beyond Wrestling The Dream Left Behind

United States Death Machine (Sami Callihan & Chris Dickinson) vs Team LoveLee (Heidi Lovelace & Kimber Lee)


Arts at the Armory, Somerville, Massachusetts, United States

(reviewed 01/07/2017) This matchup is… problematic on paper. Hopefully it’s not too uncomfortable. After briefly being overcome by a dive, the Death Machine take control of the match with their size advantage and general intensity. They wear away at Heidi with strikes, slams, and leaning on holds, and Heidi does well to fight her opponents every step of the way. After delivering a bunch of punishment, Dickinson grabs a mic and offers Heidi a choice: return to Team Pazuzu or get powerbombed out of the ring. Given a moment of recovery, Heidi lays in a roundhouse kick and drags herself over to Kimber for a pretty great hot tag. Kimber takes it to Dickinson and Callihan both with some of the best strikes I’ve seen from her, but Callihan turns things around and hits a pair of completely ghosted facewashes in the corner. Going for a third, he’s meant to be interrupted by Kimber, by a botch in timing makes things awkward for a moment before Kimber connects with a spinning heel kick. Team LoveLee hit a top rope senton/Swanton combo for two before Dickinson breaks it up. With some double teaming, they overcome Dickinson, leading to a goofy spot where Kimber and Callihan kick their opponents to reverse the tide on a sunset flip pin between Dickinson and Heidi. Death Machine are up first after all four wrestlers are put down for the count, and Callihan hits a reverse gin n’ tonic on Heidi for two. They go for a two man Pazuzu Bomb on Heidi, and while Kimber is able to save her, the Death Machine remain in control, putting their opponents up on top for tandem superplexes. Heidi shoves Callihan off, taking him out with a Meteora, before lowblowing Dickinson, allowing Kimber to hit him with a Pazuzu Bomb off the ropes and trap him in the Alligator Clutch for the win. In the end, I feel mixed about this match. As a match itself, it’s fairly good, a little sloppy here and there, but a fun, fast, crowd-pleasing tag team main event. The thing is, with the context of this Kimber/Dickinson feud, some really gross comments from both male wrestlers in this match, as well as some individuals in the crowd (fucking Boston), there’s an air of additional, creepy malice present in this match that I don’t find in other matches these four have (though, to be fair, it’s not like Dickinson and Callihan aren’t intense and malevolent in everything they do). It’s not out and out domestic violence, and I certainly don’t think of it as sexual in nature, but even as an advocate of intergender wrestling, this whole feud has rubbed me the wrong way, and this match is no different.


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