Tracy Williams vs AR Fox – Beyond Wrestling The Dream Left Behind

Tracy Williams vs AR Fox

Submission Match


Arts at the Armory, Somerville, Massachusetts, United States

(reviewed 01/07/2017) Capping off their surprisingly good mini-feud from 2015, these two incredibly different performers collide in a submission match. Things start with a series of dives we don’t fully catch due to Beyond not having rights to themes, and they play to the fact that Fox is out of his element in this match type by having him immediately go for a pinfall, allowing Hot Sauce to apply a brief ankle lock after the referee explains the rules to Fox. The Georgia native mostly sticks to his usual offense of dives and high impact moves, slapping on occasional, strange submissions that Tracy is quickly able to escape due to his experience in the field. Hot Sauce, grounding his opponent, is able to turn things around and lay in a few strikes before wearing down Fox with a general upper body attack, targeting his arm, neck, and ribs. Fox evens it up with more flying, turning a springboard cutter into a dragon sleeper in a clever spot. He misses a 450 off the top and is briefly caught in a Just Facelock before escaping it. Hot Sauce avoids the Lo Mein Pain and hits a big half and half suplex off the ropes, following it up with a Bloody Sunday, piledriver, and Just Facelock. Fox slowly claws his way to the ropes, where a fan cheekily pushes the bottom rope towards him, but Tracy stomps down on his opponent’s neck and arm to cut him off. Looking for the kill, Tracy brings Fox up to the top rope, looking for his brainbuster onto the turnbuckle pad, but Fox frees himself and brings them both down with the Lo Mein Pain, transitioning into an anaconda vice. Tracy does well to sell the move, scrambling to escape and slowly fading before the referee raises his hand, and when the referee drops it once, he immediately fires up again, grasping for life in a nice deviation from a well-worn spot. Fox cranks on the hold, though, and Tracy has no choice but to tap. Fun, fast little gimmick match here, playing with one man being out of his element and fighting against the odds to defeat a submission specialist and break his streak of tapout losses.


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