HARASHIMA vs Kazusada Higuchi vs Shigehiro Irie vs Yukio Sakaguchi – DDT Sweet Dreams! 2016

HARASHIMA vs Kazusada Higuchi vs Shigehiro Irie vs Yukio Sakaguchi

Taped 01/31/2016, aired 02/13/2016

Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan

(reviewed 01/07/2017) Now this is a fucking four-way. Sadly, it’s also cut for TV, but I’ll take what I can get. It starts with everyone pairing off one-on-one and trying to wrestle around each other to comedic effect. Higuchi comes out on top in this regard, locking in a big goofy submission on all three opponents before HARASHIMA gets to the ropes to break it up. The two of them brawl out on the outside as Sakaguchi and Irie go at it in the ring, trading some great strikes until HARASHIMA and Higuchi make their way back in for some spots of their own. The ace takes it to the big rookie with his usual combination of flying and striking, but after hitting a superplex, Irie hits him with a splash off the top for two. He and HARASHIMA tee off with some more great strikes, pretty mindless stuff but certainly fun to watch, and Irie hits a fire thunder to send his opponent out to the floor. Sakaguchi and Higuchi then go at it, with their strength and shooter sensibilities blending nicely, but HARASHIMA inserts himself back into the match before anything much gets going, hitting a pretty impressive poisonrana on Higuchi. Irie floors him with a Pounce before turning his attentions to Higuchi, and they collide with some clotheslines and headbutts before Irie fucking MURDERS the poor kid with a lariat for the win. Holy poop what a move. Solid little match here that we sadly don’t get to see enough of, but what little we do get looks like some awesome spotfest fun.


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