JT Dunn vs Joey Janela – Beyond Wrestling The Dream Left Behind

JT Dunn vs Joey Janela

Cage Match


Arts at the Armory, Somerville, Massachusetts, United States

(reviewed 01/07/2017) Continuing their feud from the end of 2015, these young dudes go at it in a cage match with a sadly tiny cage. They start off real fast and furious, with Dunn connecting with some mean strikes before launching himself hard into the cage head-first. Dunn is pretty brutal here, taking it to the normally wild Janela, but quickly the Bad Boy adjusts to this newfound fury and brings the fight to the Providence native. They go at it full force, taking a bunch of wild bumps into and off the cage, as well as throwing big strikes. Janela desperately tries to escape the cage, but Dunn refuses to do the same and repeatedly drags his opponent back inside in pretty gruesome fashion, playing up the stubbornness of his character. It’s weird, this match isn’t exactly what I’d call “gritty” and it’s certainly far from realistic, but this is bringing some incredible amounts of violence, the most of just about any non-deathmatch/Canis Lupus vs Trauma I match I’ve seen this year. Chris Hero and Eric Corvis are quite good on commentary outside of a bit of goofiness from Hero, bringing up the SEGA Genesis. After a ton of punishment, Janela begs his opponent for mercy and Dunn really wrestles with himself over whether or not he should let him live. In the end, Dunn spares Janela before walking out of the cage door to win the match. Good stuff here, a very speedy and exciting match that, in the moment, feels like the blow off to this feud and manages to bring that level of closure in less than 12 minutes. I would never guess that such a short cage match opener would be able to pull that off, but props to these two men for making it work.


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