Charlotte vs Becky Lynch – WWE Royal Rumble 2016

Charlotte (c) vs Becky Lynch

WWE Divas Championship


Amway Center, Orlando, Florida, United States

(reviewed 01/06/2017) Decided to review this on a whim before remembering that this is the match that features a particularly creepy/sexual assault-flavored kiss from Ric Flair, so that sours my mood again like it did a year ago. Thankfully, the wrestling itself here is pretty solid. Becky is easily my favorite of the current generation of WWE women for a variety of reasons, not least of which is that she brings something different out of everyone else. She puts a ton of effort into everything she does (reminding me a lot of young Kenta Kobashi, which I might have mentioned here before) and does the same of just about everyone she works with, so mechanically her matches are a lot more enjoyable for me than the various permutations of Charlotte/Sasha/Bayley. Here, Becky centers Charlotte more so than she is in the Sasha matches later in the year, and that tightness works well with her offense and character. After a bunch of back-and-forth action, which is just technical enough to make me want more grappling from these two, Ric interferes once again, giving Charlotte time to poke Becky in the eye and pick up the win with a spear. Good stuff here. Nothing real blow-away good, but a match with a solid base that gets both women over and doesn’t fuck up too much along the way, outside of another incredibly gross instance of needless sexual violence in wrestling that certainly mitigates my enjoyment of this match.


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