Volador Jr vs Mephisto – NJPW Presents CMLL Fantasticamania 2016 Day 6

Volador Jr (c) vs Mephisto

NWA World Historic Welterweight Championship


Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan

(reviewed 01/06/2017) Like the Mistico vs Ultimo Guerrero match before it, I tried reviewing this match live but found myself unable due to still being in shock from Dragon Lee vs Kamaitachi. They get right down to business with some chaining before moving on to the usual assortment of flips and dives. A tope suicida seems to take a lot out of Volador, and Mephisto bests him in the series of pin attempts that follows it, with the masked man reversing his pins every single time. He’s not able to keep that momentum going, though, as this match is very back-and-forth, which strangely also makes it sort of bland. The action is mostly good, but it just lacks any sort of narrative, fire, or character to make it really worthwhile. Mephisto nearly brains himself on an Asai moonsault just before the ring announcer declares that ten minutes have passed in this match, which certainly takes me by surprise, as it’s felt twice that. Sadly, things continue in much the same way as they have thus far, and they actually hit 21 minutes before this thing’s over. None of it’s exactly bad, but absolutely none of it is compelling or worth commenting on, which is a shame.


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