Twin Towers & Hideyoshi Kamitani vs Hideki Suzuki, Seiya Sanada, & Yoshihisa Uto – BJW (01/24/2016)

Twin Towers (Shuji Ishikawa & Kohei Sato) & Hideyoshi Kamitani vs Hideki Suzuki, Seiya Sanada, & Yoshihisa Uto

Taped 01/24/2016, aired 02/09/2016

Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan

(reviewed 01/06/2017) Six fun dudes here in a BJW ring in Korakuen. Can’t go wrong here. Everyone pairs off at the beginning and does a bit of a grapple, aside from Shuji, who is having none of it. Shuji and pals isolate Uto and beat him down in typical fashion, and after enduring a bunch of punishment, the rookie tags out to my man Hideki. Hideki bends Sato into a pretzel, drawing the ire of Shuji, and the double team the Billy Robinson trainee to stay in control of the match. Hideki isn’t so passive in taking spots, though, fighting back with a few uppercuts before tagging out to Sanada, who flies around Shuji. The motley crew apply tandem abdominal stretches to Kamitani and the Twin Towers before Shuji frees himself. Sanada is out-gunned in a strike exchange with Shuji and has to go downstairs to stay in the fight, though Shuji matches his speed with a middle rope dropkick before tagging out to Kamitani. The young phenom hits a few big shoulderblocks, but Sanada is able to connect with a flash rana and tag out to Uto. With his signature jumping knee and a lot of effort, Uto takes it to Kamitani, and with the help of his partners, he gets a big nearfall off a sloppy top rope legdrop. As everyone else brawls on the floor, Uto hits a snug clothesline for another falsie, but Kamitani avoids a third and takes the young man down with another shoulderblock. Twin Towers do their thing on Uto and Kamitani gets a two count from a pretty wild side slam before finishing the match with a backdrop driver. Not bad, though a little low energy, and sloppy at points due to Uto.


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