Team Tremendous vs Catch Point vs Bravado Brothers vs Roppongi Vice – EVOLVE 55

Team Tremendous (Bill Carr & Dan Barry) vs Catch Point (Drew Gulak & TJ Perkins) vs The Bravado Brothers (Harlem Bravado & Lancelot Bravado) vs Roppongi Vice (Trent Beretta & Rocky Romero)

Second Chance Tag Team Tournament Final Four Way Elimination Match


Orlando Downtown Recreation Complex, Orlando, Florida, United States

(reviewed 06/01/2016) Now here’s a match that will definitely differ wildly from the last one. Dan Barry really shows off his chops in the beginning of this match, getting the best of Lancelot Bravado and hanging move for move with Drew Gulak in a very enjoyable clash of styles (and it should be noted that, throughout this entire match, Gulak and Barry are the ones holding this match together). Barry, for me, is one of those guys (along with Jonathan Gresham, David Starr, and Donovan Dijak) who should be booked EVERYWHERE due to what he can add to a card and his ability to play a role and excel at it, but sadly has not found the success he so deserves. There’s a silly little Dragon Gate-esque spot where the Catch Point lads catch everyone else in the match in a variety of submissions at the same time, and I quite like it. TJP tries to follow it up with his “hang onto the ropes” fakeout spot on Barry, but Bill Carr, on the apron, just grabs him and tosses him to the floor. There’s an interesting dynamic to this match as far as these teams are concerned. Catch Point are clearly the most talented and most dangerous men in the ring, and they can each wrestle circles around anyone else in the match. Team Tremendous, though, have a lot of heart and more than enough wit and sheer pluck to get the upper hand, as is evidenced by a pair of fun dives they hit that get the crowd up on their feet. Roppongi Vice, playing the heels here, are feisty and nefarious, slipping in and out of the action as it suits them. And then sadly, the Bravado Brothers are just sort of there to take moves, which is a necessary element to the whole thing, but I wonder how much more I’d like this match if they were absent. Gulak goes for a flying clothesline off the top and Carr reverses it into a scrapbuster in quite possibly my favorite spot of the year so far, and shortly thereafter Team Tremendous hits the Book ‘Em Danno on TJP to eliminate Catch Point in quite a surprising and exciting elimination. From here, the Bravado Brothers ally with Roppongi Vice to go after the fan favorite detectives for a good while. I look away for a few moments and glance back to see Roppongi Vice eliminate the Bravados with the Strong Zero (sidebar: cool fucking move name), so I guess that alliance didn’t last long. Roppongi Vince continues to work over Barry, and Romero in particular does very well as a heel here, yammering at the camera, celebrating after hitting a series of double team moves and then snapping at the referee when Barry kicks out of the pinfall. What a talent he is. King of the Midcard. Shortly thereafter, Carr makes the hot tag and reverses Romero’s Forever Clothesline into a scrapbuster in what is definitely only my second favorite spot of the year. The lads trade momentum back and forth, and Team Tremendous gets a big nearfall off a Canadian Destroyer/Irish Car Bomb combo that I bit hard for. They immediately thereafter hit Book ‘Em Danno on Trent to win the match and a shot at the EVOLVE tag titles. Man, for a match that I didn’t plan on watching at first, and a match that followed what is probably a top ten MOTY match for me thus far, this was very enjoyable. Everyone worth their salt got time to shine (no big spots for you, Bravados), the power levels of each individual team were displayed clearly and played with in fun ways, the Catch Point early elimination added some excitement and intrigue, and the Roppongi Vice/Team Tremendous finishing stretch (playing off the fact that their last meeting in the first round of the tournament ended in less than friendly terms) was fun and didn’t try to overreach. That’s the story of this match, in a lot of ways; everyone did what they knew they could do and did it well, so eight guys played their roles, hit their notes, and came together to create quite a pleasant little match with an absorbing narrative throughout. Don’t skip this, friends.


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