Roppongi Vice vs Team Tremendous – EVOLVE 53

Roppongi Vice (Trent Beretta & Rocky Romero) vs Team Tremendous (Bill Carr & Dan Barry)

EVOLVE Tag Team Title Tournament First Round Match


The Orpheum, Ybor City, Florida, United States

(reviewed 05/31/2016) Man, talk about four guys I like a hell of a lot. They mostly work a basic style, as this match shows, but they’re entertaining and charismatic in everything they do, which is what matters. Something I don’t think I’ve ever noticed before is Bill Carr’s selling, which is quite great here, taking believable offense from these smaller opponents and selling adequately for it, especially facially. Likewise, Trent does real well here playing a quasi-heel role, acting aggressively and playing off the crowd when they try to cheer on Dan Barry, and Rocky barely has to turn up his usually shtick to act more heelish. On some level, I feel like I need to espouse more praise, or at least more specific, in-depth praise, for this match because it’s four guys who I think are very talented but who don’t get the same kind of love as the flippier, spottier people they often work with. But I’ll suffice to say that this is a simple, effective match with a bunch of fun character work and more than enough “cool spots” to please anyone, so I recommend you give it a chance.


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