Matt Riddle vs Fred Yehi – EVOLVE 54

Matt Riddle vs Fred Yehi

Style Battle Tournament 2016 Round Robin Challenge Match


Orlando Downtown Recreation Complex, Orlando, Florida, United States

(reviewed 06/01/2016) Another short little Style Battle match. Quite an aggressive one, too. It’s clear that Yehi isn’t going to just lay down and die in this round robin tournament, that he’s going to fight to the end. He really takes it to Riddle, locking him in a real gross grounded full nelson of sorts, and he flattens the former UFC fighter with a trio of big Germans. When Riddle tries to make a comeback, Yehi smashes a forearm down on his foot, a spot I’ve seen him do a lot before, but one that is so much more effective here, to the end that when Riddle tries to stomp his way over to Yehi in the corner, he collapses due to the damage on his foot. Awesome moment. Yehi won’t let him breathe, either, staying right on him with a powerbomb and a spinning toe hold, and Riddle has to hit a series of mean up kicks to escape. Yehi goes right back at him and is trapped in an arm triangle and manages to escape, but shortly thereafter Riddle again traps him, this time with his heel hook, and Yehi has no choice but to tap. Quite a good little grapplefuck match here, real smart and exciting and bite-sized. Give this a go, friends.


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