Matt Riddle vs Peter Kaasa – EVOLVE 53

Matt Riddle vs Peter Kaasa

Style Battle Tournament 2016 Round Robin Challenge Match


The Orpheum, Ybor City, Florida, United States

(reviewed 05/31/2016) Hooray style clashes! I wanna say this is only the second or third time I’ve seen Kaasa, but Dragon Gate is bringing him over for a tour soon, so he’s gotta be good [EDIT IN JANUARY 2017: lol, fuck him tho], and I like Riddle quite a bit so there’s no reason for this to be outright terrible. It is a bit sloppy, though, considering that Riddle is only a few months into his career at this point and these two don’t completely stick to what he’s best at. Kaasa isn’t the cleanest here either, especially with a crazy-looking SSP variation that would have been fucking bonkers had he connected with it. But aside from that, everything these lads do is fun and different, and they don’t waste your time in doing it, with this being less than five minutes long.


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