Pollyanna vs Dahlia Black vs Jinny vs Toni Storm – PROGRESS Chapter 25

Pollyanna vs Dahlia Black vs Jinny vs Toni Storm


Electric Ballroom, Camden, Greater London, England, United Kingdom

(reviewed 01/06/2017) I didn’t initially plan on reviewing this (at least at the present moment, when I’m sort of pressed for time), but this match sort of charmed the hell out of me so I decided to do it anyway. This is a pretty great little exhibition of characters along with being some very enjoyable spotfest four-way wrestling. Everyone gets over big and looks good here (at least in a general sense, as this isn’t a particularly smart or well-crafted match, so no one really looks like an all-time great here), so it accomplishes exactly what it sets out to do and is commendable in that sense. Mechanically, it’s really wild and a little sloppy at points, though it sort of just adds to the allure, and the flurry of crowd-pleasing spots managed to not only come across as enduring (as opposed to heavy-handed, which is a complaint you’ll find a lot in this blog) but exciting. All in all, I sort of loved this match, warts and all. It’s just a bit of thrilling, spotty wrestling full of lively characters and a crowd that appreciates it. That sort of thing goes pretty far in my book.


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