Tracy Williams vs Fred Yehi – EVOLVE 53

Tracy Williams vs Fred Yehi

Style Battle Tournament 2016 Round Robin Challenge Match


The Orpheum, Ybor City, Florida, United States

(reviewed 05/31/2016) This oughta be good, especially because it’s been given a fair amount of time, unlike Riddle vs Kaasa from earlier. They start with a bit of chaining and reversal spots, and this is where these two shine: reacting to what their opponent does and making both what they do and what their opponent does matter, as well as making it believable. Little things like both guys selling their arm after Williams has Yehi in a lengthy wristlock and Yehi hits an armdrag to escape, little things like that are what illustrate the skill these lads have. Williams quickly takes control of the matchup and wears away at Yehi, who does well to take potshots when he can and look like he’s staying in the game, as opposed to passively letting everything happen to him, and it makes his eventual comeback all the more believable. This is hardly the most exciting technical bout I’ve ever seen, but it’s still quite enjoyable, and business picks up when they start throwing bombs towards the end, though it sadly loses some of the legitimacy that I enjoyed earlier in the match. Williams picks up the win with a mean-looking piledriver. Not bad at all, though if you’re not already a fan of this sort of style, I doubt this would make you a fan.


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