Heroes Eventually Die vs Roppongi Vice – EVOLVE 54

Heroes Eventually Die (Chris Hero & Tommy End) vs Roppongi Vice (Trent Beretta & Rocky Romero)

EVOLVE Tag Team Title Tournament Semi-Final match


Orlando Downtown Recreation Complex, Orlando, Florida, United States

(reviewed 06/01/2016) This is one of those matches where I love everyone in it but worry about how they’ll interact, how their styles will work together. Unsurprisingly, Rocky adapts pretty well, as he’s one of the best examples of a utility player in wrestling. Continuing their trend from the previous night, RPG Vice play the heels here and isolate End and work him over. End, despite his demeanor, is actually a pretty good babyface in peril just about every time I see him in that role, continuing that trend here, and Hero is the perfect older veteran partner to cheer him on from the sidelines. When Hero tags in, he rolls over RPG Vice like only he can, and all the double team stuff he and End do is gross, and Trent and Rocky are good guys to bump for their shit. When everybody starts swinging control back and forth and throwing everything they have at each other, I’m surprised by how much I like this clash of styles, but it sort of feels like empty calories in the end without a single narrative running through it and due to the fact that the difference in styles is just different enough that I feel it hard all the way through. Still, the last third of this is some quality wrestling, and I enjoyed this match all in all.


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