Heroes Eventually Die vs Drew Galloway & Johnny Gargano – EVOLVE 55

Heroes Eventually Die (Chris Hero & Tommy End) vs Drew Galloway & Johnny Gargano

EVOLVE Tag Team Title Tournament Finals


Orlando Downtown Recreation Complex, Orlando, Florida, United States

(reviewed 06/01/2016) I’ve got some real serious reservations about this match. All four men are talented, two especially so, but I was let down by Heroes Eventually Die’s first match in this tournament, and I’m not the biggest fan of either Galloway or Gargano and especially not when they’re together. Still, this should be somewhere on the spectrum of good, so let’s give it a shot. Hero and End waste no time at the beginning and jump their opponents, and everyone bleeds to the floor for a bit o’ brawlin’. The crowd, sort of surprisingly and sort of not, is much hotter and more into this brawling segment than just about anything else on the show. They sort of use this to replace the feeling-out process at the beginning, and by the time everyone makes it back into the ring, the match breaks down into everyone hitting big moves like it’s already three quarters of the way through. Periodically, the match will then restructure itself more like a typical tag match before breaking down again, and each team trades the advantage. While neither team is really a heel team, Heroes Eventually Die are more aggressive and hostile, and Hero in particular is talking trash a lot and tying up the referee to allow End to hit moves when he’s not the legal man. Galloway, after being worked over for a bit, tags out to Gargano, who does his signature moves that I’m miffed by even on my best days. Hero doesn’t take it for long, though, and catches the younger Buckeye as he goes for a DDT and reverses it into a mean release suplex that sort of sees Gargano coming down on Hero’s knee. Definitely wasn’t a flush landing, and I’m sure it hurt extra special regardless. Galloway and Hero, both proud men, have a bit of a “anything you can do, I can do better” moment that ends in tandem piledrivers and tandem nearfalls, which is a bit goofy but still enjoyable. Some bad timing sees Hero and End accidentally hit each other and they go at it, trading strikes for a bit before getting it out of their system and taking out both of their opponents with their signature strikes. End goes after Galloway here and they trade strikes, and it really annoys me that End, either the number one or number two striker in professional wrestling at the moment (second only to his partner here tonight) is getting waylayed here by Galloway, who’s barely selling for End’s shots. Like, even if you’re trying to get across the idea that Galloway is one of the top guys in the promotion and not one to fuck with, you should sell a bit more for this accomplished kickboxer when he hits you, dude. Further annoying me, Galloway and Gargano hit tandem Lawn Darts and then tandem Future Shock DDTs for a nearfall, both of which are among my least favorite moves in wrestling at the moment. From here, everyone just trades the advantage and hits a bunch of moves, sloppily more often than not, and Galloway and Gargano pick up the win with a wheelbarrow facebuster/Garga-No Escape combo. Man, what a weird match that I didn’t much like at all. Either it was a bunch of moves with little structure that didn’t excite me, or it was an oddly structured match that didn’t click. Real forgettable, which is real surprising considering the talent involved, and I wish it didn’t end up letting me down so.


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