Esfinge vs Puma – CMLL Martes Arena Mexico (01/19/2016)

Esfinge vs Puma

Two out of Three Falls Match and La Copa Junior 2016 Finals


Arena Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico

Watch 1 and Watch 2 and Watch 3 (each of these is a separate fall)

(reviewed 01/05/2017) Don’t believe I’ve ever seen these two before, but I’ve heard this is good stuff. They kick off the first fall with wacky holds and pin reversals, real classic stuff with plenty of fun pantomime, and Esfinge wins it with a good springboard splash. Esfinge likewise dominates the opening moments of the second fall with speed and a tope con giro, but Puma catches him going for a springboard rana to hit a powerbomb and even the match up. He does a goofy Ingobernables-style pose on the ropes afterwards, which is fun. Puma continues his momentum into the third fall, but Esfinge catches him with a powerbomb in a neat little reversal of fortunes. A pair of dives from either man moves things along, and Puma takes control with some misdirection and use of his environment. He misses a running flip dive off the apron, though, eating the floor somewhat hard, and Esfinge follows it up with a much crazier tope con giro onto his opponent while he’s seated on the arena floor. Another springboard splash from Esfinge works as a big nearfall, but Puma refuses to die, fighting back with a dropkick and codebreaker off the top for a two count of his own. Immediately thereafter, Esfinge rolls him up and traps him in a big wacky lucha pin for the win. Fun stuff here, your typical crowd-pleasing Arena Mexico match. Not worth going out of your way for by any means, but enjoyable all the same.


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