Matanza vs Cage – Lucha Underground #2.19 Judgment Day

Matanza (c) vs Cage

Lucha Underground Championship

Taped 01/17/2016, aired 06/01/2016

Lucha Underground Arena, Boyle Heights, California, United States

(reviewed 01/05/2017) I’m no fan of Cage, I think Cobb is real limited under the Matanza mask, and I find that the general LU environment isn’t really conducive for great matches, instead focusing on cultivating “moments”. On paper, then, this doesn’t look like a very appealing match to me, but man, the final product is just lots of fun. It’s far from perfect, as it’s just a bunch of mindless spots of two big dudes tossing each other around, but for that exact reason, it’s also very enjoyable. More than that, it also annoys me far less than the average LU main event, which is a combination of booking, commentary, and crowd reaction along with the wrestling itself. If LU was more like this every week, maybe I’d watch it more, and in the end, that’s probably the best compliment I can give.


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