Pete Dunne vs “Flash” Morgan Webster – RPW High Stakes 2016

Pete Dunne (c) vs “Flash” Morgan Webster

RPW British Cruiserweight Championship


Bethnal Green, Greater London, England, United Kingdom

(reviewed 01/03/2017) These two are quite fun, so this should be good. They do their usual thing, Dunne applying his strength and striking while basing for Webster’s flying. There are some really fantastic arm drags here, a few of the best ones I’ve seen in years. The match is pretty evenly contested, real back and forth, though Dunne’s size and general intensity give him the advantage, as do a number of quick sentons. The back and forth nature of this makes it fairly exciting, though there’s something missing that prevents it from being anything better than vaguely, mechanically good. Likewise, the youthful exuberance of trying to make everything you do feel HUGE and EPIC is felt heavily here, though it’s far less offensive here than it is in many modern indie matches. In the end, Webster misses a 630 off the top and Dunne puts him away with his pumphandle flatliner gimmick. Not bad, but flawed in the ways many matches are with this generation of indie guys. Still, a solid opener.


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