Big Damo vs “Speedball” Mike Bailey – RPW High Stakes 2016

Big Damo vs “Speedball” Mike Bailey


Bethnal Green, Greater London, England, United Kingdom

(reviewed 01/03/2017) This may or may not work as a match, but it’s the sort of thing I love to see booked anyway, because it has potential to be interesting, and if nothing else, it’s different, which is always good on some level. They start by highlighting the obvious differences between these two, the size and personalities, and Speedball takes advantage of Damo’s underestimation of him with a big series of kicks. Damo’s size allows him to steamroll the young Canadian when he wants to, but Speedball’s kicks and highflying are enough to even things up. Speedball’s a bit spottier here than usual, more than I’d like, but it forces Damo to likewise speed things up a little and that works well. They slow down after the first few bomb-throwing sequences, though, which is curious and works to the detriment of the match, though not in a terribly destructive way. After a few of his kneedrop spots, Speedball does well to sell his legs, giving Damo enough time to recover and avoid a corkscrew SSP. After surviving a John Woo into the corner and an electric chair driver, Speedball is finally defeated with a pretty brutal reverse DDT brainbuster. It falters in the third act (which is to be expected in a first time matchup), but outside of that, I quite like this match. It highlights what I like out of these two competitors and doesn’t waste my time in doing so, nor does it try to overachieve, resigning itself to the simplicity of good, unambitious wrestling.


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