Drew Gulak vs Louis Lyndon – AAW The Chaos Theory 2016

Drew Gulak vs Louis Lyndon


115 Bourbon Street, Merrionette Park, Illinois, United States

(reviewed 01/02/2017) Real solid little grapplematch here. Both these guys are talented technical workers (if in different leagues), and their differences (Lyndon being more lucha-and-kung-fu-influenced and Gulak being more American-and-European-influenced, though he’s certainly got plenty of lucha know-how) make for an enjoyable first third of the match. After enduring a fair amount of good legwork, Lyndon uses his speed and highflying to turn things around, though sadly the aforementioned legwork doesn’t play into it enough for my taste. As things get more and more back and forth, Gulak’s ground game and superior striking give him the advantage, and he picks up sort of a surprisingly quick win with a sort of gorilla clutch ankle lock. Ended rather abruptly, and there aren’t a lot of finer points, but this is a pretty fun little technical bout that leaves me wanting more.


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