Thunder Rock vs JKGreeeeN – Stardom New Years Stars 2016 Day 2

Thunder Rock (Io Shirai & Mayu Iwatani) (c) vs JKGreeeeN (Jungle Kyouna & Momo Watanabe)

Goddesses of Stardom Championship

Taped 01/10/2016, aired 01/15/2016

Shin-Kiba 1st RING, Tokyo, Japan


(reviewed 01/01/2017) Things start hot and heavy with all four women going at it with flips, reversals, shoulderblocks, and the like. The champs pretty easily steamroll their younger opponents with their superior tag team prowess and all-around skill, but Kyouna evens things up when Mayu climbs the top rope, shoving her to the floor and onto Io. The challengers isolate and work over Mayu, who is able to even things up in a pretty vicious strike exchange with Momo. Thunder Rock do their thing on Momo until she’s able to tag out to Kyouna, who uses her size and some double teaming to take it to the champs. From here, it’s pretty back and forth as both teams get good hits in and earn themselves a few nearfalls. The experience edge of the champions generally allows them to stay on top, but Kyouna’s size gives them just enough trouble to keep it competitive. At one point, Io frees herself from a tree of woe, walking on her hands to hit a very nifty falling double knee drop on Momo in quite a cool spot. High spots all around lead to more nearfalls, and Io picks up the win with a great stalling German suplex and elbow drop off the top to Momo. Lovely little tag here, probably not too out of the ordinary in the realm of joshi these days (which I’m terribly out of the loop for), but lots of fun all the same. Easily digestible and pretty inoffensive.

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