Jay White & David Finlay Jr vs Matt Sydal & Ricochet – NJPW New Year’s Dash 2016

Jay White & David Finlay Jr vs Matt Sydal & Ricochet


Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan

(reviewed live) They spell Finlay’s name “Devid Finlay” on the opening graphic, so there’s that. Sydal and Finlay do a bit of a wrestle at the beginning, and Finlay almost gets the drop on the vet. Ricochet and White tag in and flip around, and the whole time Ricochet’s yelling out little things that are quite fun, and it blows my mind how anyone says he isn’t charismatic. Vets dominate the match, and Ricochet locks in that cool lucha submission I like that may or may not be called the swastika. I forget. Ricochet sells a dropkick from White very well. Hot tags on both sides, and the youngboys get a pretty good series of spots on Sydal, capped off with a German from Finlay that Sydal kicks out of in hilarious, weird fashion. Tandem SSPs put the kids away. Nice, clean little juniors tag for once, which you don’t see enough in this division. Youngboys continue to look better every day, and Finlay rather impressed me here, more so than White, who usually does.


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