Jay Lethal vs Michael Elgin – NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 10

Jay Lethal (c) vs Michael Elgin

ROH World Championship


Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan

(reviewed 01/04/2016) Elgin backs Lethal into the corner to start us off, and Lethal slaps him, with good jawing here. Elgin fires back with a stiff punch right in the mush and shows off his strength with a bunch of spots. The champ turns the tide with some interference help from Truth Martini. Lethal hits two dives in a row, toning it down from his normal “three suicide dives in a row” spot, and it comes across pretty well, really. Elgin floors Lethal again with a big forearm, and the dudes probably needs to cut that out. Sloppy corner powerbomb from Elgin towards the end that doesn’t look dangerous, but easily could have been. Meh match all in all. Elgin gets the majority of the offense to satisfy the crowd with his big white muscles. I’m fine with the heel finish here, Lethal hitting Elgin with the Book of Truth when Elgin is going for the spinning powerbomb and then hitting the Lethal Injection, but it’s no good here when there’s been so much interference nonsense already on this card.


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