Daisuke Sekimoto, Hideki Suzuki, & Suwama vs Twin Towers & Kazumi Kikuta – BJW (01/02/2016)

Daisuke Sekimoto, Hideki Suzuki, & Suwama vs Twin Towers (Kohei Sato & Shuji Ishikawa) & Kazumi Kikuta

Taped 01/02/2016, aired 01/14/2016

Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan


(reviewed as it aired on 01/14/2016) This should rule to some degree. Suwama squares off with Kikuta, who I’ve never seen before, and there’s apparently something there between them I’m not aware of, as they’re pretty heated. Some brawling on the outside, and Sekimoto and Co. isolate Kikuta and work him over. Hideki Suzuki putting him in a cravat only further strengthens my love for the man. Suwama gets a lariat on Kikuta right to the throat that looks really rough. Fuck me, I open Twitter and my browser basically crashes, so I miss a good portion of this match, and now my boy Ishikawa has tagged in and is taking it to Suwama. I try to switch tabs, and the browser dies again, because fuck this internet and fuck my computer. Suzuki and Ishikawa are laying it into each other, and while I don’t think they’re going at 100%, the crowd loves it. Sato and Sekimoto tag in, and business picks up, as these two are money together in any format. Browser finally just dies once the match really gets going, and I’m pissed. Thankfully I can get it back up pretty quickly, and Kikuta’s getting some spots in on Sekimoto, and the crowd’s into it. Sekimoto lays him out with a pair of big ol’ lariats for a two count, and then a stalling, bridging German for the pin. Solid stuff. There are few things better in wrestling right now than a good BJW tag match.


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