Zack Sabre Jr vs Tracy Williams – EVOLVE 70

Zack Sabre Jr vs Tracy Williams


Dr. Smith Neighborhood Center, Orlando, Florida, United States

(reviewed 12/11/2016) Hot Sauce comes out in his shirt, the best shirt in wrestling, and one of the goofiest, low-rent themes I’ve ever heard. Guess you can’t win ‘em all. Per usual, they start things off with some grapplefucking, a bit looser than I’d like due to ZSJ’s low center of gravity and noodly way of carrying himself, but it’s fairly good stuff. Williams gets the early advantage with some arm work, and Zack fires back by going after the man’s head and neck aggressively. Zack does well here to sell his frustration at Williams overtaking him so easily in the opening minutes and responds with some rather mean holds, being sure to really grind his elbow and knuckles into the man’s neck to make him think about what he’s done. Williams is able to turn things around with some speed and striking, but ZSJ matches him on both fronts before returning to the neck work. With a burst of strength, Hot Sauce hoists ZSJ up for what looks to be a sort of Pain Thriller or perhaps an odd Regal Plex of some sort, but Zack lets go of his opponent on the way back and just sort of lands hard and awkwardly down onto his neck and shoulders in a very strange botch. He likewise deadweights a suplex into the ring from Williams and takes a Saito suplex on his ribs. Zack’s completely unprofessional bumping is taking me out of what was previously a pretty enjoyable match, which is sad. Thankfully he takes his lumps, as Williams leans into a few snug chest kicks and back kicks before trapping the man in a kneebar. They reverse some holds around, looking for the submission, and Williams has to get his foot on the ropes to free himself from a kimura. Hot Sauce is the first to his feet after a double down, going to town with some strikes, but Zack turns a suplex attempt into a dragon sleeper to escape. They reverse things around a bit more, trading holds, before Williams strings together some offense with a backbreaker, German suplex, and clothesline, all of which look mediocre to outright bad due to Zack’s bumping. Looking for the kill, Williams tries to muscle his man up for a piledriver, but ZSJ slips free into a European clutch for a nearfall. In a flash, ZSJ hits Williams’ own Bloody Sunday dealio before blasting him with a penalty kick that seems to hit more chin than chest, but it again only earns him a two count. Both men fight their way in and out of an octopus stretch before Zack curiously drops to the mat and goes after Williams’ ankle, and both men crank away at each other’s feet, trading strikes to try and stay in control. Upright again, they continue to trade strikes until ZSJ slaps on a flying triangle armbar, and Williams has to powerbomb him down to escape, a real brutal, shoot-looking move that gets him another two count. Zack kicks out and attempts to scramble his way into another armbar, but Hot Sauce muscles him up for a very dangerous-looking piledriver for yet another nearfall. Yanking Hot Sauce down to the mat when the Brooklyn native goes for a leapfrog, ZSJ locks him in a sort of grounded double armbar, burying his knee into the man’s neck for good measure, and it’s enough to get him the submission victory. A good match, all in all, as there’s plenty here to enjoy, especially in the first half. But as Zack’s terrible bumps piled up, and as the match meandered around from limb work to lengthy striking to a pair of stupidly-unsafe moves late in the game, the whole thing just sort of leaves a bad taste in my mouth, which certainly isn’t helped by a very quiet crowd.


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